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photograph of Bogota's skyline at night
Talks & Lectures

Podcast on Free Will

Last summer, I was able to take an amazing trip to Bogota to be part of this fabulous project, teaching down there for two days. While there, I recorded a podcast about some of my work; you can listen to it here (and find the…
August 21, 2020
a photograph of a slumped over individual alone in the pews of a church
22 AdvocacyTalks & Lectures

God’s Kingdom without Autism

Today, I want to talk about how our culture and communities—and specifically the Christian community known as the Church—are problematic with respect to how we treat disabled people. Just as the Church is sometimes unwelcoming of people that are different than us in other ways,…
October 3, 2019
PhilosophyTalks & Lectures

Fundamental Practices for Intellectual Formation Fundamental Practices for Intellectual Formation: Explorations of the Habit of Humility Kevin Timpe, Northwest Nazarene University James Van Slyke, Fresno Pacific University Rebecca DeYong, Calvin College The Intellectual Humility Capstone Conference Catalina Island, California, USA Hosted by The Thrive Center for Human Development…
June 8, 2015