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The pandemic has forced another conference for me online. I’m supposed to be in Baltimore for the Eastern APA this week, given a paper as part of a session run by the Society for Philosophy of Emotion. But alas, I’ll be giving my talk from my office via Zoom.

I’m posting a link to the handout I’ll be using tonight, as well as a link to the paper draft itself. The paper comes from me trying to think through how to navigate my own emotional reactions to the disability advocacy that I do. I taught an upper-division ethics course two years ago that helped me lay the foundation for the paper. There are, probably not surprisingly, lots of connections between what I try to do here and feminist work on care, anger, and systemic injustice. (The class included a careful read of Kate Manne’s excellent Down Girl which has shaped my thinking, even though I don’t cite it in the paper.)

If anyone’s interested in reading the paper, feel free to. And send me any feedback you have, as I know revisions are needed. (In addition to the helpful comments by Trystan Goetze for the session, my wonderful colleague Rebecca DeYoung has given me some that I know I need to revise substantively in the light of.) And since I wrote and submitted the draft, Myisha Cherry’s wonderful new book The Case for Rage has come out.

Since this is just an early draft, please don’t cite the paper without explicit permission.

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