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I’ve been critical, both in my book and on social media, of churches that marginalize, stigmatize, or ignore those with disabilities. I think that’s appropriate as a way of calling the Church to be better.

But it’s also appropriate to celebrate churches that get things right. And this story about Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in Waco is one such story. The church took an active role in evaluating how they could be more welcoming (disclosure: this included having a committee read my recent book). It’s clear that they see this as part of their mission given the resources that they’re devoting to it. I love the breadth of considerations that they’re actively paying attention to. And I love that they see this as a resource not just for their own parishioners, but for their local community:

“We think that we have a responsibility to God not only for the people who come here, but for the neighborhood around us.”

May there be more of this in the future. Well done, Holy Spirit.

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